Services Agency
With extensive experience in all areas of marketing and sales, we are the extended arm of your company. Your employees will be trained in the most essential areas and can therefore take over the work without further expenses.
We have developed solutions for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the EU and worldwide.

Our philosophy

In the new digital world it sometimes seems as if few can do everything. We believe that everyone should focus on what they are really good at.

We reject the old “world order” of fixed employment, working 8 hours and sitting at a desk without motivation. Our team consists of independent experts in their field who can work from anywhere in the world. Our freelancers are at least as good and support us in every situation.

This is a network of professionals who have made it their business to help small, medium and large companies in various fields.

Our process


Analysis of the ACTUAL state and planning of optimizations. Schedule resources and set a deadline.

Momentum and Launch

Implementation of the optimizations and innovations. Momentum build and launch of the optimized version.

Training is the Key

The key to permanent optimisation is the various training courses for your employees and the possibility of independent improvement.
Happy Clients
Years Of Experience
Finished Projects
Our Team

With a team of experts in more than 6 areas and over 50 freelancers in the background, we can quickly and purposefully take projects to a whole new level.

The Story of Reveib

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.


Start in Luxemburg
We start in Luxembourg. Creating websites and shops for companies. Offer own hosting.


Start Up Week End Winner
With a team of 8 developers, we win the Start-Up Week-End in the area of Continous Integration. Later we advise investors and startups in the areas of technology and cloud computing.


Something Big - Game Development
Opening of a new location in the United Kingdom to create our first video game. The creation of 3D real estate and building automation will be a main focus for us in Luxembourg.


Steam Greenlit and Kickstarter
Within a few days we will be added to the seller list on Steam with 6000 yes votes and go online on Kickstarter the same year.


Relocation from Luxemourg to Cologne
In order to serve a larger market, the location was moved to Cologne. Areas such as marketing and sales are more in the foreground.


E-Commerce and Online marketing - with special funnels and own system
With its own cloud solution for super fast sales pages, the company focused on selling on the Internet. The E-commerce division was added.


Data protection
This is an important area for us in terms of IT security and data protection, including TÜV certification for the external data protection officer.


Move to the Eifel
In silence there is strength. In order to have a more pleasant ambience and to be close to Luxembourg, Belgium and France, the location was moved to the Eifel. The areas of advertising photography and advertising video were added.
What Clients Say About Us

We always welcome new regular customers in our family. Of course, we don’t have a golden key either and not every project becomes an enormous success. Sometimes it takes a little more time to become good.